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Color mixing with Van Gogh this week

This week our students will be learning about mixing colors. For inspiration with are painting Van Gogh's Landscape with Carriage and a Train done in 1890. Not much of a name for a painting but a great work none the less! As always all of our students work is on our facebook page. Thanks guys and have agreat week. I am off to count ballots from our art show this weekend at Suwanee Fest.


Suwanee Fest was a blast!

Mary and I both had such a great time at Suwanee Fest this year. We were really proud to show off our students hard work. It was also great seeing so many of you there. We also asked anyone who wandered into our tent if they would like to vote for thier favorite piece from each age group. We were a little suprised to see that I will have somewhere around 500 ballots to count! Needless to say I will be announcing our winners a little later this week. Thank you again to everyone who showed their art and came out to see us. As always we are greatful for all of you guys.



Drawing is our focus in March!

Using a wide variety of mediums we will be focusing on drawing again in March. So far they have drawn some amazing elephants and this week and we are onto drawing barns. I know a lot of us think that drawing is just pencil. Well there are in fact a variety of mediums you should be exploring just like we are here at the studio. Again we are looking forward to seeing what our students do this month and we hope you are too.


Painting is the focus for February!

This month we are back to painting after a month of drawing in January. I know the students and Miss Mary are looking forward to getting a paintbrush back in their hands. Staring off this first week back with paints the students are using Mary's favorite medium being watercolors. We hope you guys are looking forward to all the awesome work our students will be turning out this month as much as we are!


January is all about drawing.

This month our students will be focusing on drawing with a variety of mediums. So far we have focused on charcoal, graphite, and this week we will be using ink. We have drawn hands, horses, and even bears with silly hats. I'm not sure but I have a feeling we will be painting next month. I cannot wait to see what Mary has planned for next month.