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Moonlit creature collage...

This week our students are using mixed media and collage to create thier own moonlit creatures. Our K-2nd grader are using tempera paint and oils pastels while our older students are using ink, water color pencils, and white charcoal in thier collage projects. We hope all you you have a great and safe time this Halloween weekend.


Pumpkins, gourds, and maize!

Using tempera paint and soft pastels we are taking advantage of the beautiful fall bounty all around us. What great colors and textures! This is truly my favorite time of year. We hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are.


Mixed Media Zebras

Continuing our mixed media focus this month it's all about zebras. Using acrylic paint and charcoal our students are learning about layering and shading to bring out the light and dark in their art. Once again we are having a great time and if you haven't joined us yet you are missing out big time!


Dragons in mixed media this week!

Starting off October in which we will be focusing on using mixed media we have begun with dragons. I have to admit this is one of my favorite lessons so far this year. In this lesson they are using colored pencils, oil pastels, and tempera paint. This has got to be my favorite time of the year. I hope all of you are enjoying it as well.


Watercolors with shells and starfish this week.

This week we are just having fun learning about watercolors and how they behave on paper. Also, how the level of water added to them really gives you different results. Most important how to let go and let watercolors do thier own thing. In the end this is sometimes how we get the best results. Not just with the paints!

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