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Closed today! 

We are closed today! Classes have been cancelled because of the weather. (I think it's just going to rain but we'll see). K-2nd graders are welcome to come this Thursday from 430 pm until 530 pm (unless it's the snowpocalypse) or Saturday from 1230 pm until 2pm. 3rd thru 5th graders will have a make up class Saturday March 4th from 230 pm until 4pm. Thanks guys! Stay safe and keep warm. Thanks, Mary and William

Time to book summer art camps! 

Save 10% off your total fee for camp! You must sign up in person here at the studio during normal business hours by Saturday March 28th. Signing up for camp requires a non refundable 50% deposit. You will pay the remaining balance the first day of thier camp. Studio hours are listed here on the website. The weeks we are offering camps are listed here on our website.

Painting is the focus for February!

This month we are back to painting after a month of drawing in January. I know the students and Miss Mary are looking forward to getting a paintbrush back in their hands. Staring off this first week back with paints the students are using Mary's favorite medium being watercolors. We hope you guys are looking forward to all the awesome work our students will be turning out this month as much as we are!

January is all about drawing.

This month our students will be focusing on drawing with a variety of mediums. So far we have focused on charcoal, graphite, and this week we will be using ink. We have drawn hands, horses, and even bears with silly hats. I'm not sure but I have a feeling we will be painting next month. I cannot wait to see what Mary has planned for next month.

Happy New Year!

Wow. We have had such a busy crazy wonderful and sometimes difficult holiday season. I have negleted to update this site since Thanksgiving. I apologize for that and hope to do a little better this year. We are looking forward to kicking off a new year with our students who have been with us and hopefully picking up a few new artist along the way. We will be focusing on drawing this month. Mary and I are both looking forward to it. Our students always blow us a way. We feel this focus allows them not only to learn a lot but let their skills shine. We look forward to seeing everyone this week because we have really missed you guys!

William and Mary