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Classes start today!

We are back in the studio! Mary and I are looking forward to getting back to doing what we love. We can't wait to see everyone and hear about your summer. Don't worry if you have not registered. You may join us at any time during the school year as long as there is a space the day you want. You are always welcome to join us for a class if you have not attended one here before you pay for anything. Thank you to everyone who makes this work. Mary and William

Last registration day before classes start!

Hey guys! Don't forget that we will be in the studio tomorrow from 12 pm until 2pm for our last day of registration. If you have not confirmed a day with me now is the time. We already have a waiting list for some of the days we offer. Seriously. So register with me as soon as possible to make sure you get the day you need. Pass the word for us and make sure your friends have done the same especially if you plan sharing rides. Thank you guys so much and we hope you have had a wonderful summer. We are sad the break is over but more than ready to see everyone again. Thanks again, Mary and William.

Class registration for August.

Our classes will begin the week of August 11th. We will be having registration in the studio on Saturday August 1st and Saturday August 8th from 12 pm until 2pm. Just go to our class schedule tab and pick out the best day for your schedule. Come into the studio to register, update and fill out any paperwork. Meet us and have any questions that you may need answered if you are new to our studio. It would be great to see our returning students who we have missed this summer as well. We are looking forward to it. Thank you guys so much, William and Mary.

Drawing is our focus in March!

Using a wide variety of mediums we will be focusing on drawing again in March. So far they have drawn some amazing elephants and this week and we are onto drawing barns. I know a lot of us think that drawing is just pencil. Well there are in fact a variety of mediums you should be exploring just like we are here at the studio. Again we are looking forward to seeing what our students do this month and we hope you are too.

Painting is the focus for February!

This month we are back to painting after a month of drawing in January. I know the students and Miss Mary are looking forward to getting a paintbrush back in their hands. Staring off this first week back with paints the students are using Mary's favorite medium being watercolors. We hope you guys are looking forward to all the awesome work our students will be turning out this month as much as we are!