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Important Summer Update!

Sorry for late update. We have been focused on painting in April and have had some really great lessons. Make sure to check out our facebook page to see all the photos. There is a link just to the right of this post. May will be about clay and some easy fun favorites to close out the school year. We will stop regular classes and focus on summer art camps for June and July. The first week of August our regular classes will be back in full swing. In regards to camp. Now is really the time to get the dates you want. Don't wait too long because the spaces are filling up. That's not a sales pitch. We are just a small school with limited space and the seats go quickly. There is always a mad rush toward the middle of May and by then it's often too late to get the days you want. Also it's important to remember that we start signing up for regular classes in July. As always it's first come first served. So make a note to get in here and get the day you want. We had a waiting list for quite a few of the days this past school year. Mary and I want to thank you for a wonderful school year and hope to see some of you this summer and all of you back in August.

We are closed for spring break until Tuesday April 14th!

We will be having our regularly scheduled Saturday class in a few minutes then we will be closed until the 14th. We are looking forward to some time off and a little trip up to Blue Ridge, Ga. next week. We hope all of you enjoy your spring break and look forward to seeing everyone when we get back.

Drawing is our focus in March!

Using a wide variety of mediums we will be focusing on drawing again in March. So far they have drawn some amazing elephants and this week and we are onto drawing barns. I know a lot of us think that drawing is just pencil. Well there are in fact a variety of mediums you should be exploring just like we are here at the studio. Again we are looking forward to seeing what our students do this month and we hope you are too.

Time to book summer art camps! 

Save 10% off your total fee for camp! You must sign up in person here at the studio during normal business hours by Saturday March 28th. Signing up for camp requires a non refundable 50% deposit. You will pay the remaining balance the first day of thier camp. Studio hours are listed here on the website. The weeks we are offering camps are listed here on our website.

Painting is the focus for February!

This month we are back to painting after a month of drawing in January. I know the students and Miss Mary are looking forward to getting a paintbrush back in their hands. Staring off this first week back with paints the students are using Mary's favorite medium being watercolors. We hope you guys are looking forward to all the awesome work our students will be turning out this month as much as we are!