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No regular classes next week!

We have had a great and sometimes challenging time this month with our printmaking lessons. This is something most young artist may not have a chance to do until high school or even college. I am very proud of our students and Mary for hanging in there and making some great art even when things got tough. Next month we wiil be doing clay and sculpture and then jumping right into drawing the first of the year. We will not be having regular classes next week but we will be in the studio for camps on Monday and Tuesday!


Help us fill up our Thanksgiving Camp!

Printmaking in November!

This month we will be focused on printmaking. There are many techniques we are looking forward to trying with our students this month. This first week is a little tough. We are learnig about mono-prints which really means you just get one shot at it. You may spend a lot of time getting your piece just right but then you only have one shot at transfering you image to the paper. A bunch of fun and a little bit of pressure will hopefully challenge and amuse all of us this month!

October is mixed media month!

Exploring collage while using a variety of mediums this month we hope to impress upon our students that they are only limited in their imagination when it comes to finding materials to make thier art with. We also feel it's important for every artist to be aware there is so much that we throw away that could be used to make awesome art. Being that starving artist is a common term we use that should let you know artist have always been scroungers and very creative in finding new ways to use whatever was around and free!