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Happy New Year!

Hey guys! Sorry, I have been a little behind updating the website. January is a drawing month here at the studio. We have been have been having a great start to the new year. Quite a few of our classes are filling up so make sure to come in a register if you have had it on your to do list. This week the students are drawing a underwater octopus with soft pastels on a painted background. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Clay Owls

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting much on here. It’s that time of year when everything is wonderful and crazy all at the same time. We have been working on our clay projects this month. The K-5th graders made their owls last week and are painting them this week. Our older students will be sculpting again this week and won’t be painting theirs until next week. I cannot wait to show you what they did! So make sure to check our Facebook page next week to see their work. Thank you to everyone for a great year so far and we hope all of you get to enjoy the holidays with more wonderful and only a little crazy to keep things interesting.

Tamsin Abbott inspired foxes

This week our students have made their own scratch-boards using oil pastels and acrylic paint. Inspired by Tamsin Abbott, a new favorite artist of Mary’s. The students have made foxes in her awesome illustrative style that we have fallen in love with.


It's that time of year. Our students are using water colors, soft pastels, and markers to make their own fall pumpkins. This is hands down my favorite time of year. I just wish it was a little cooler!

Fall Birch Trees

This week our students are using palette knives and acrylic paint to make these awesome birch trees. Fall is my favorite time of the year so it's no wonder this project makes me happy and puts me in the mood for flannel shirts, awesome soups, fireplaces and scary movies!