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Sunshine silhouettes 

This week our students are using sharpies and watercolors to create these awesome silhouettes. Yes, I had to look that word up to make sure I was spelling it correctly by the way. Mary is teaching them about how some objects cast light in such a way that some objects are just left in the dark. Also, silhouettes are just really fun to use in art. Spring fever may have passed but also think Miss Mary may have had a beach summer vacation on her mind while planning this lesson. We will have to see what we can do about that!

Bugs in a jar!

This week our students are using watercolors and colored pencils to recreate one of our favorite memories of sping when we were kids. It was collecting bugs in a jar (we always had old pickle jars at my house) during that most wonderful time of year when everything seemed so alive compared to that boring winter that had just passed. Yes, I always let them go by the way. Nothing beat laying flat on your belly in the warm sun, in the grass and clover, digging around in a much smaller world full of these amazing and sometimes scary insects. I did find a Velvet Wasp once and his sting is something I will never forget. It was a pretty red and black and so very furry I couldn't resist touching it. I was greeted with a sting that felt like a sledgehammer to my index finger. That was one of those runs back to the house crying the whole way. It was worth it though if you ask me.

Spring landscapes

This week we all have spring fever. The students, Mrs. Mary and myself are all looking forward to spring break week after next. So to celebrate this wonderful weather (and crazy pollen counts) we are using oil and soft pastels to create beautiful spring inspired landscapes. So keep the allergy medicine nearby and enjoy this wonderful weather while it last!

Lions in graphite

This week our students are continuing sharpening their drawing skills using graphite to draw lions. In addition they are using ebony pencils and erasers to explore some subtractive drawing techniques as well.


This week we are doing pandas in charcoal on black paper. There really isn't much to say except there are super cute and the students are doing a great job! One of my favorites this year.

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