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This week we are doing pandas in charcoal on black paper. There really isn't much to say except there are super cute and the students are doing a great job! One of my favorites this year.


This week our students are drawing chameleons. They are using oil pastels and tempera paint to make thier own scratch off art. This is a really cool technique that we really enjoy. The artsy term for this is sgraffito!

Self portraits this week

This week our students are doing thier own self portraits in tempera paint and oil pastels. It's always interesting to see how they see themselves. This will always be one of our favorite lessons. Next month we will be focusing on drawing skills!


This painting focus week our students are using acrylic paint. Mary has chosen a hummingbird about to feed as the subject. The students and parents both seem to be really enjoying the project this week. We have been for sure. We wanted to paint something that made us feel warm and the weather here has followed our example thank goodness. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Continuing our painting focus this month we are all about doughnuts! Using tempera paint our students are having a blast this week painting a lot of our students favorite junk food. They are getting a chance to add their favorite glaze and toppings to thier doughnuts. Personally chocolate covered plain doughnuts with bacon sprinkles would be my choice. Despite the fact that I have not had a doughnut in quite a few months I can see that not being the case much longer looking at all this amazing art work this week.

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